“THE LOOK management is engaged by the talent/models to be their representative with in the industry and at no time is there a employer/employee relationship between “THE LOOK management and talent/models. In accordance with the Australian Taxation  Office “PAYG” withholding tax guidelines for Agents, performing artists, advertisers and advertising agencies available on the ATO website.The “Client” or Talent/Models is deemed to carry all obligations and requirements regarding PAYG tax deductions from talent/model fees and the payment of superannuation contributions applicable in accordance with superannuation  guarantee legislation.  How ever authority maybe given to enable “THE LOOK management to handle the clients  PAYG obligations and/or the clients super annuation responsibilities  on there behalf. Giving authority to “THE LOOK management” does not extinguish the clients PAYG or superannuation obligations, nor any other obligations that may arise under the talent/client relationship.

NOTE:The  talent/model is exclusively represented and managed by the “THE LOOK management” and the client can in no way deal with them directly in any form. All correspondence  and booking arrangements  are made directly by the client with “THE LOOK management”


It is the responsibility of the client as the “End User” of the talent/models to ensure that it is adequately covered for workers compensation and public liability insurances for the talent/model services. THE LOOK management does not and in no way obligated to carry such insurances for talent/models.

It is the responsibility of the “End User”(the client) to with hold PAYG tax at 20%, according  to the Australian Taxation Office guidelines.The “End User”(the client) is also required to pay Superannuation guarantee charge(SGC-currently 9%) of the total talent/model to the nominated  superannuation fund.
Athority may be given by the client to enable THE LOOK management to handle the Client PAYG tax obligations and/or Clients superannuation responsibilities .Contact the LOOK management to obtain the standard letter of authority.

PLEASE NOTE: If the Client gives THE LOOK management authority to handle their PAYG and superannuation obligations, amounts are calculated on the total talent/model  rate for the booking, at current (SGC) percentage, and are additional to the talent/model rate.It is the policy of THE LOOK management to ensure that an amount of superannuation is separately indicated on each invoice raised under the authority and it is up to the Client’s interpretation of the Australian  office guidelines and current superannuation legislation as to whether superannuation is actually paid to THE LOOK management.

Talent/model rates will be quoted by THE LOOK management separately. All gross talent/model fees are quoted exclusive of  statutory superannuation guarentee contributions.Superannuation as the obligation of the “End Users” should be factored into any budget as an additional cost on top of any talent/model fee quoted by THE LOOK management. Editorial  day rates are judged on an  8  consecutive hour day.(Lunch break not included). Commercial  day rates are judged on an 10 hour consecutive day(Lunch break not included). The rates apply to shoot time only and do not include usage.
Additional charges for(ASF) agency  service fee and superannuation (if applicable)are added at the time of invoicing and must  be factored in by the Client.
(Agency booking service fee and superannuation notes outlined on THE LOOK management website Term and conditions).

The total hours  that the talent is booked for is the minimum hours that the talent must be paid for . Regardless of whether the job finishes earlier . If  a job takes longer than the original  hours booked then overtime rates will apply . The Client  can reduce the total hours of a booking no less that 24 hours prior to the booking commencing  .NOTE: Overtime  is time and a half of the talent/model normal hourly rate . Where a booked talent/model job may finish up 29 minutes past the hour, no extra hour will be billed . Over 30 minutes ,an extra hour will be added to the invoice billing at the appropriate rate and subsequent hours


Underwear and Swimwear are charged double time of the talents normal  hourly rate.

Travel  time is charged at the talents hourly rate for travel outside 12km radius of the CBD. Travel day are charged at half the talents normal day rate.

If the Client does not cancel the confirmed talent 48 hours prior to the job a 50% of the agreed talent fee will be charged.Cancellations  24 hours or there after prior to the job, the full agreed talent fee will be charged to the client.

THE LOOK management seeks to work with all Clients in good faith. First cancellation- NO  FEE. Second cancellation FEE- 50% of total talent/model fee booking.
NOTE:A 100% cancellation fee will be charged if the same talent/model is not re-booked.

Agency  service fee is a mandatory charge on all bookings made with THE LOOK management for talent/model and is a  non - negotiable fee for the purpose of making a booking. The(ASF) agency service fee covers THE LOOK management costs for clients specific services such as website up keep and new talent photo shoots, administrative  charges over and above THE LOOK management bookers time, administrative fees for PAYG and administrative fees for collecting and remitting superannuation on the Clients behalf. The booking service fee is calculated at 15% Gross (GST inclusive) of the total talent/ model  rate/fee for all jobs including usage fees.

It is the clients responsibility to notify THE LOOK management of any intended usage before the commencement of the shoot or commercial. Use of  images, by way of (but not restricted to) Advertising, Posters, Swing Tags, Billboard, Websites, Bus advertising etc, must be negotiated and agreed too by THE LOOK management prior  to the booking taking place . Usage rights are not granted to the client until payment has been received  in full. Any further extension of usage or territory must be immediately notified to and negotiated with THE LOOK management .Any image or television campaigns/commercials used without written authorization or prior approval from THE LOOK management will be deemed unauthorized  usage and will be subject to legal proceedings by it lawyer Mr Malcom McCusker QC. Once legal proceedings commence against the Client , THE LOOK management will seek compensation for talent  usage, legal fees and court costs.

Commercials and stills are to be negotiated at the time of the booking and are quoted for a twelve month on air for release in Australia only. Any extensions or territories must be negotiated and agree to by THE LOOK management immediately. No talent may commence a television  booking until the applicable MEAA contract has been completed and signed by THE LOOK management as the talent exclusive representative.

THE LOOK management works on a strict Nett 7 days payment terms from invoice date. THE LOOK Talent Management must receive full invoice payment for job talent fees and LOOK management non - negotiable 15% Gross (ASF) agency service fee before the talent image usage is granted by THE LOOK Talent Management. GST compulsory service fee applies to all bookings and usage fees.A finance  charge of 2.5% per month will be charged on all invoices that exceed the 30 days from invoice date.

The LOOK model talent management takes an industry standard 20% Gross management fee on all model/talent jobs, usages and rollovers. All model/talent client  job quotes from the LOOK model/talent management  are exclusive of PAYG client withholding taxes( In accordance with Australian tax  law)  and 20% Gross LOOK model/talent  management fees..

Mr Malcom McCusker QC